Arun Raja

PhD student, University of Oxford


🏫 Currently, a first-year DPhil student at the University of Oxford in the SABS R3 Centre for Doctoral Training Program under the National Science Scholarship (PhD)

🎓Graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2021 with a BSc.(Honors) Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, completing the 4-year program in 3 years under the National Science Scholarship (Bachelors)

💼 Previously, a Machine Learning Research Engineer in the Data Efficient Learning group and Centre for Frontier AI Research (Resilient & Safe AI) at the Institute of Infocomm Research, A*STAR working on semi-supervised learning and medical image synthesis in the Data-Efficient Learning group

🧠Collaborating as a researcher in the BigScience Summer of Language Models ‘21 working on various NLP research projects such as prompt engineering, few shot evaluation and tokenization

🖥️ Actively contributing to open source machine learning projects. A key project I am proud to have been a founding and core member of is GPT Code Clippy, an open-source alternative to GitHub Copilot